Business Matters – A special practical Business English workshop programme -module 1


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Six modules each designed to study and practice the language involved in a specific aspect of modern Business English. The methods used will include simulated practice through pair and group work and role-plays, as well as listening, reading and in some cases writing activities. The aim is to increase participants’ vocabulary, fluency and confidence in using English in the respective situations. Each module can be attended separately or booked together (with a reduction) as a whole six-weekend course.
– Module 1: Telephoning and Communication I + II
– Module 2: Writing Emails I + II
– Module 3: Making Presentations 1 + II
For anyone interested in improving their English skills for the specific business situations. B1/B2 (Matura bzw. Schulenglisch)

Kursleiter Univ. Lekt. Peter Waugh, BA
KursortFellnerhof Raum 3
Mindest Teilnehmer:6
Termine: Freitag, 14.10.2022: 18:00 - 21:00
Freitag, 21.10.2022: 18:00 - 21:00